The long awaited arrival of Autumn

Here in the southern U.S. we've been experiencing a terrible heat wave and if our northern neighbors are feeling it too, they have my sympathy. Now, I could talk for hours about my aversion to the heat but instead I'm going to use my time to speak about my personal favorite and upcoming season, Autumn and most importantly the beautiful décor that comes with it. 

Picture this, the trees around your home begin their transformation into the warm reds and oranges that signal the changing of the season; and there you are, a steaming cup of your favorite beverage in hand and the slightest nip of cool weather blowing in as you gaze at the beauty around you. It truly is a wonderful time, the world around you seems to slow to the pace of the falling leaves. The pumpkin patches open, and the fuzzy socks are retrieved from the drawer they've called home for the past few months, you feel at ease.

The world around you has naturally decorated itself but what about your home? Here at Hometells we celebrate Thanksgiving and so the majority of our autumnal products rest within our Thanksgiving collection; and there you will find the décor you desire to welcome the changing seasons.